Big Data Needs Big Security

Data storage and its challenges are developed like a snowball getting bigger and taugher. If you don’t want to fall behind, a highly integrated IT environment and information security technology are essential.

NSecured features highly customizable, cost effectiveness and, in short, perfect service to assist you to conquer any business challenges .

Highly Customizable

To make sure our specific development and integrated solutions are well delivered as well as meeting your business requirements, NSecured does fully participate in every detailed procedure during development including:


Before starting the project, we put emphasis on what should be built, and why these are important for your business perspectives. Our professional technical consultants will connect closely with your IT department for time and cost saving.


We know how important the TIME-TO-MARKET is! A review to the schedule is a key factor to success. NSecured provides project timeline in a regular review basis by close communication, updating any adjustments needed in accordance with the current status.


At this stage, our experienced technical consultants will work closely with your developers to make sure everything goes on well with the plan. On-going studying, reviewing, developing may last to perfect every procedure involved.


In this path, our technical team and consultants work together to deliver the solution or system to you. Besides, our experienced support team will assist you in testing, training and maintaining.

Cost Effectiveness

For cost-saving, NSecured provides a very flexible pricing scheme upon your selection, and before the contract becomes effective , our professional salespeople and technical consultants will communicate thoroughly with you to customize what fits you the most.

Perfect Service

NSecured is your best partner in data protection. We offer you a wide selection of services, from on-premises to cloud.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, we will assign our professions to assist you comprehensively at different stages.